ReTech Steampunk Lamps


ReTech lamps are the perfect example of that age old expression "one man's trash is another man's treasure." These steampunk lamps look like they belong in a mad scientist's laboratory, but they're actually made from reclaimed machine parts.

Asher, the artist behind ReTech, originally started by transforming discarded things into any functional forms, like chairs and tables, but later focused on lighting. "As we progressed into the industrial age, our battle to dominate nature also revealed a great deal about our own nature," Asher stated, "Our structures very often imitate and emulate the grace of design found in nature. I don't see a need to destroy those forms when they have lost their original design. All too often I find people hoarding old machines because they thought they were 'too nice' or 'looked too good' to throw away. I agree. I think there is a way to repurpose these works into functional art."

In an interview with Mary Mazzoni of Earth911, Asher explained that he's born in Detroit to a family of factory workers who witnessed the city's factories close one by one, so his drive to re-use and re-purpose objects is strong. "I ... had a real influence from my grandparents. You were told to never throw anything away because they were Depression Era people. So everything was always kept and given another purpose no matter what it was ... It sort of instilled that value in me that you can always find another use for something."

Asher has created over 100 ReTech lamps - all uniques and one-of-a-kind artwork, including the amazing hollowed reclaimed book light above. They are available at the ReTech website.

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ReTech Steampunk Lamps