Roman Artifacts Inspired These Delightful Tableware Designs

They say you need to know history or you are doomed to repeat it, but sometimes a knowledge of history also serves as inspiration for our future -or, in Jaime Hayon's case, inspiration for his newest designs. 

The Spanish designer based his New Roman collection on the pottery and architecture of ancient Rome. "Inspired by the vessels of the Roman Empire, this collection transforms antique references into a celebration of contemporary craft," said Hayon Studio.

Because the original Roman designs were crafted with a rounded bottom, Hayon also designed metal stands to allow his pieces to sit up on their own. The vessels are all made from metal, ceramic or glass and are then rested in metal pedestals.

The Colosseum, a large silver-plated bowl, is the largest piece in the collection and the most obvious reference to ancient Rome with its brushed brass base that looks like the famous amphitheater that it is named after. There are also two smaller versions of the Colosseum for those who want something a little less space-consuming.

The Titus vase comes in four materials, glass, silver, copper or ceramic, while the four-legged base comes in four types of metal so you have all types of options to ensure the design matches your decor. It also comes in a number of sizes and some feature handles while others don't -again providing ample choices to the buyer.

You can bring a little light to your table with the series as well, thanks to both the Aether and the Sangunto -an oil lamp and a polished ceramic candle holder.

Only one that doesn't feature a seperate base is the Augustus, which is also by far the most whimsical piece of the collection as it features a smiley face on the side. Of course, the Roman influence is still obvious in the classic shape -even if the smiley face is a little sillier than something an artist from the great Empire would have created.

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Roman Artifacts Inspired These Delightful Tableware Designs