Shoot Swimming Pool Slide


Can a swimming pool slide be a sculptural piece as well? Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington of UK design studio SplinterWorks thought it could, so they set forth to design the Shoot pool slide.

The Shoot pool slide looks impossible. The 1.8 m (almost 6 foot) tall structure "shoots" out of the side of the pool like a huge arch that abruptly ends before it hits the water. The slide starts out narrow then flares out in thicker section which creates a seemingly unbalanced mass. Alternating bursts provide footholds to climb the slide, and the edge of the slide itself curls inwards to provide the handrail.

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Structurally, the Shoot pool slide is made possible by the steel foundation that anchors it firmly onto the side of the pool. Strong yet light carbon fibers compose the body, which is then covered in silver foil to complement the glistening pool water below.

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Shoot Swimming Pool Slide