Start Pinning Your Destinations With the Cork Globe

If you are truly passionate about travel, then you always have two things on your mind: where you've been and where you hope to go in the future. With Chiaki Kawakami's Cork Globe, you can keep track of your past and future destinations in style. 

The clever design allows you to store your pins, notes and pictures on a rounded cork board that looks like a traditional globe. Place it on your desk and pin the places you are saving up to travel to in order to motivate yourself to get there as soon as possible, or remember all the great times you've had by pinning pictures of your travel to the places you visited. Either way, it's a fantastic and attractive way to think about the joy of travel as you work away at your day job.

You can get your own Cork Globe over at Suck UK

Via This Is Colossal

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"Start Pinning Your Destinations With the Cork Globe"

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Start Pinning Your Destinations With the Cork Globe