That's No Rock: That's A Vacation Home

If someone tells you to go crawl under a rock, they're just being rude. But if they tell you to go crawl into a rock, they either don't understand the expression or they're trying to tell you that you need a vacation -and quite a luxurious one at that.

That's because this vacation home, built inside a rock, is nothing but beautiful. While the property is a bit small (as you might imagine) with only 270 feet of space, the minimalist layout makes for a perfect vacation home right on the beach -and with a location this wonderful, you don't need to spend much time inside anyway.

The Truffle, as it is known, is located in Costa de Morte, Spain and was designed by Ensamble Estudio. It features a toilet, a shower, a fireplace and a bed perched right next to the concrete stone's window with an unbeatable view of the sea.

The stone exterior is quite striking as it manages to look organic and artificial all at once. Of course, no one would be crazy enough to totally hollow out a rock this size just to build a small space to sleep. Instead, this "rock" was fabricated in a lengthy process that involved forming the concrete in the soil, shaping it around hay bales laid out in the design of the interior space. After the whole process was completed, the stone was removed and then the hay was cleared out by a calf named Paulina, who took a whole year to munch through all the organic material.

The process may seem needlessly tedious, but it provided a uniquely rustic and natural look to the concrete and helped feed a small calf in the process.

Via My Modern Met

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That's No Rock: That's A Vacation Home