The 9 Most Romantic Beds You Could Ever Hope to Sleep in This Valentine’s Day

Women may talk about sleeping in a bed of roses, but while that might be romantic for one night, it’s certainly not something anyone would want to sleep in –especially for years to come. These fantastic beds, on the other hand, are both romantic and functional, making them the ultimate option when it comes to Valentine’s Day sleeping options.

The Floating Bed

If the bed is a rocking, don’t come a knockin’. That’s not just an expression when it comes to this suspended bed designed by Bernstein Architecture. In actuality, this bed wouldn’t really rock your world too much since it is also tethered to the ground for an extra measure of safety, but the look is still rather impressive and chances are it still has a little sway to it.

House Mews

Anyone who hates the idea of having to retreat to the bedroom before they make love, but still enjoys the comfort of having a nice bed under their back will love this clever design by JJ Locations that maximizes the space in a room without sacrificing style. The ceiling above the bed even features a window to provide the mini-bedroom with ample natural light.

Dylan Modern Leather Bed

With its sweeping lines and floating style, this Dylan Modern Leather Bed created by Andrea Lucatello adds graceful and romantic touch to any room. While it looks like the bed would be wobbly and ready to spill, it’s does have four legs, they’re just hidden closer to the middle so no one can see them.


If you like the idea of getting cozy with your lover in a private cocoon, this nest-like bed by Lago is just the trick. You can roll up the sides to make yourself a protective little love space. Best of all, if you or your partner are somewhat clumsy, the design can make sure you’ll never roll off the bed again, whether in the throes of passion or in a deep sleep.


There’s nothing quite like the look of a futuristic floating scifi bed and those who have a fascination with the future, this Fluttua bed from Lago is as close as you can get to having something that really does levitate. It’s a great way to sweep your Valentine off their feet.

Somnus Neu

Here’s another great bed for those who dream of making love on a starship. The Somnus Neu by Yoo-Pod Llc offers a number of high-tech gizmos, including a full audio-visual system and an internet connection, but these aren’t what make the bed romantic. It’s the mechanized curtains and drop-down screen that completely enclose the mattress and the LED lighting above, under and around the bed that provide you with total privacy and mood lighting so you and your partner can feel totally in sync with one another.

Poesy Illuminated Bed

Mood lighting doesn’t work for everyone, but for those who find lighting to be critical to a successful love making session, the Poesy Illuminated Bed by Philippe Boulet features a full LED system in the head and footboards and the colors are totally customizable and programmable according to your preferences.


There’s nothing less romantic than climbing into bed with your significant other and then feeling their freezing cold toes on your legs and nothing can kill the mood faster than weather that’s so hot you start sweating as soon as you touch one another. Thanks to the ChiliBed though, even your mattress can be climate controlled (each side even has its own thermostat) so you can feel warm or cool as best suits your needs at the time. Best of all, these mattresses can fit into almost all the beds featured here so you can have a doubly romantic bed.

Enignum Canopy Bed

Like a sailing ship passing in the night, Joseph Walsh’s Enignum Canopy Bed has a stunning, soft, curved wooden structure topped with a fragile, ethereal and soft canopy. It’s a perfect bed for sending you away into a romantic, dream-filled sleep.

Of course, while these beautiful beds are all incredibly romantic, it’s what you do in the bed that counts, so even if you have a boring old box spring and mattress sitting on the ground, make the most of it this Valentine’s Day.

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The 9 Most Romantic Beds You Could Ever Hope to Sleep in This Valentine’s Day