The Apron Guide Helps You Cook and Keep Clean

Just because you feel comfortable behind the stove doesn't mean you know all the basics of cooking. Fortunately, this great Apron Guide from Suck UK operates as a cheat sheet for all those need-to-know basics. 

Available in full and half apron sizes, the apron provides conversion charts for liquid, weight and temperature. It also offers tips on cooking times for poultry, vegetables and eggs, as well as tips on freezing goods and defrosting poultry. Additionally, there is a cooking glossary, a portion guide for spaghetti, a basic finger guide for testing your steak and more.

The full size version also has a helpful pocket so you can hold onto tasting spoons, recipes, small ingredients, your cell phone or any other handy things you might want easy access to while cooking.

The cool design is a great way to keep your clothes clean while helping you keep track of all those simple, yet easy-to-forget facts that you need to know in the kitchen. The full-sized version can be yours for only $25 while the half-sized one is even more affordable at $20.

Via Like Cool

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"The Apron Guide Helps You Cook and Keep Clean"

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The Apron Guide Helps You Cook and Keep Clean