The Bridge House Bridges the Gap Between Modern Design and Rustic Charm

Nestled away in the forests of Olivebridge, NY, the Bridge House is the ultimate rural retreat for an urban family to use as their vacation home. While many vacation homes are just regular houses located in lovely, out-of-the-way destinations, the family who hired Gluck + (the same firm that created the Tower House) wanted something that truly emphasized the destination's role as a family and guest gathering spot and not a residency.

As a result, the Bridge House seeks to immediately identify the concept of building bridges and reconnecting old friends. While the most immediate example of this are the bridges used on both the inside and out, there are other, more subtle connections as well. The use of both modern and historical materials, shapes and styles help emphasize the importance of making connections between people from different generations while the use of different topographies and buildings remind us to bridge the gap between people from other cultures and regions.

The house itself features three seperate areas each with their own distinctive look. The main structure is a large cube covered in concrete panels meant to evoke images from early American architecture. Cutting out from the cube is a structure with a steep-pitched roof and clapboard siding that brings to mind the style of classic farmhouses. Finally, the farmhouse is penetrated by a narrow, elevated wing covered in corrugated metal just like many rural buildings constructed during the twentieth century. In effect, the home reflects architecture styles ranging from the last three centuries of American country architecture.

Both the inside and outside are designed more for playing than living, filled with whimsy, beauty and surprise meaning it has effectively become somewhere you love to visit, though you wouldn't want to live there.

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"The Bridge House Bridges the Gap Between Modern Design and Rustic Charm"

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The Bridge House Bridges the Gap Between Modern Design and Rustic Charm