The Chandelier of Lost Earrings Gives Lonely Earrings A Purpose

Like socks, most earrings are only useful when they come in pairs. Also just like socks, it's all too easy to accidently lose one, leaving you with one essentially useless fashion accessory. So what's a lady to do with a poor lonely earring without a mate? She can always take inspiration from architectural artists Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell and make it part of a future Chandelier of Lost Earrings.

The duo specializes in glass installations and the chandelier is no exception, but it moves beyond a simple glass installation by asking their fans to help participate. Over 3,500 people donated earrings without a match and Sugar and Campbell attached them to the piece. Some of the earrings even came with a personal story, which adds to the overall impact of the completed artwork. 

Once the chandelier was complete, it was put on display inside a glass house on the grounds of St. Mary’s Maternity Hospital in Manchester. While you might not be able to get your hands on the original Chandelier of Lost Earrings (it wouldn't fit in most houses anyway), you could always take inspiration from the design and start saving lost earrings and collecting them from friends to decorate a much smaller light of yourself.

Via Women You Should Know

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"The Chandelier of Lost Earrings Gives Lonely Earrings A Purpose"

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The Chandelier of Lost Earrings Gives Lonely Earrings A Purpose