The Coffee Table and Couch In One

Why clutter your house with two pieces of furniture when just one will work just as well? That's the reigning philosophy behind this couch from Note Design Studio. It's all part of their new Rise collection, which was designed for Swedish furniture brand Fogia

The low table is an extension of the same ash wood platform that holds up the couch, making the two pieces into one fully-functional and space-saving design that also manages to create one seamless look in your living room. In the designer's own words, "the integrated side table becomes a bridge between the piece of furniture and the rest of the room, a surface for a still life, a favourite book, plants or whatever you choose to have close at hand."

As for the couch, the designers went out of their way to opt for creating something comfortable over something beautiful, but the rounded cushions and quilted upholstery still make the seating stylish enough for any fashionable space. In fact, the name of the collection, Rise, reflects the shape of the pieces that look similar to the sun rising over the horizon.

Even the high back of the couch was designed with a specific purpose -to provide privacy to anyone using the seating in an open-plan office. As  Note's Cristiano Pigazzini said, "It's a sofa with is own expression. We got inspired by the shape of the rising sun to create a piece of furniture that stand alone, a elegant centrepiece for both home and public spaces."

All of the designs come with or without arms and they also can be accompanied with matching ottomans. 

Via Dezeen

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"The Coffee Table and Couch In One"

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The Coffee Table and Couch In One