The Fitzroy House Is Open to the World

The modern, three level addition on the back of the Fitzroy House is just about the last thing you'd expect when you look at the traditional facade of the Melbourne home. The front of the home is a landmark that shouldn't be changed for the sake of history. But when the property owners decided to restore the exterior, they decided to add a modern, three-story addition to the back. 

Techne Architects did an impressive job blending the new with the old in the most seamless way possible while still incorporating the needs of the client and their family. There is ample space included for art displays and sentimental collections as well as socialization areas, work spaces and places for the family to spend quality time together.

The open-air pavilion provides fresh air and a sunny place to stay while still feeling as though it is part of the home and not just a roof space. The living room on the level below features a door that extends across the whole length of the wall so the entire room can be open to the great outdoors -a perfect feature in a warm climate.

The windows on the kitchen below the pavilion open up to reveal a bar for those enjoying the yard outside. 

The addition's third-floor bedroom has a bathtub right in the center of the room, which is perfect for those who like to slip out of the tub and right into a warm set of sheets. 

From the classic exterior to all the modern touches, the home is an impressive display of the many different architectural styles and innovations from the last century and features design aspects that almost anyone could fall in love with.

Via Design Milk

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"The Fitzroy House Is Open to the World"

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The Fitzroy House Is Open to the World