The Glitz and Glamour of Vegas is Alive in the Tresarca House

Imagine somewhere in Las Vegas that features modern design, beautiful lighting, an incredible pool and gorgeous glass bathrooms. Chances are you're envisioning a new hotel that sits right on the Strip, but in Vegas, all that glitters is not necessarily a hotel and the Tresarca house by assemblageSTUDIO is a space any member of the Rat Pack would be happy to call home.

The storeys of the home change in size, material and orientation as you head up from the basement, the same way the layers of earth change from one type of rock to another. In fact, it is precisely layers of rock that inspired the designers in creating this unique home.

While many desert homes are designed to help residents stay cool inside, the Tresarca purposefully includes ample spaces for outdoor activities including multiple shaded courtyards and a stunning, black-bottom infinity pool. When the sun goes down and the temperature suddenly drops drastically, guests can enjoy the the swinging sofa and other chic furnituure that is nestled beside embedded fire strips in the courtyards.

The top floor is also fitted with a mesh screen to not only add a variety of striking lines that improve the look of the structure from the inside and out, but also as a sheild from the hot desert sun that long left Vegas an uninhabited stretch of dirt.

Inside the home, materials such as wood, glass, marble, granite and blackened steel give the interior a modern and clean feel that still manages to seem rustic and natural at the same time. The contrasting colors and textures continue to reinforce the designer's inspiration of natural layers of rock.

Even the seeimgingly totally unnatural chandelier by Annika Newell made from tons of lightbulbs still appears organic in its cascading form. At the same time, the extensive use of lightbulbs makes the chandelier and the home where it is located seem right at home in the light-filled city of Las Vegas.

Via Design Milk

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The Glitz and Glamour of Vegas is Alive in the Tresarca House