The House That Changes As The Day Progresses

You can change the interior design of a home, but without going through a major rennovation, you can't actually change the structure of the home itself -that is, unless you happen to live in the Sharifi-ha House. 

Designed by nextoffice, the amazing structure fetaures three rotating spaces that can be open or closed at will based on the time of day, the weather or even your moods. While traditional Iranian homes are built with both winter and summer living rooms, but this design allows one room to serve both functions as it is opened up for the warm, summer months or closed off for Tehran's long, snowy winters.

The property is situated on a narrow but deep lot and the ability to extend the extra rooms out makes provides the option to stretch length even further. The 15,000 square foot home even features two basement floors that offers fitness facilities, wellness areas and more. The ground floor ofers parking and rooms for the housekeepers. The next two stories are public areas and the top two are reserved for the individual resident's private spaces.

The inside of each floor features an open void that allows natural light to flow down from the ceiling and through the open front windows, and across the bridges that connect the front and rear of the home. Even the basements benefit from the natural light.

Via Design Milk

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"The House That Changes As The Day Progresses"

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The House That Changes As The Day Progresses