The Living Cube: All-in-One Bed, Furniture and Storage


Designer Till Könneker moved into a studio apartment in Bern, Switzerland, and noticed that he had no bed and no storage space whatsoever for his clothes, shoes, electronics, and LP collections. Rather than buying a bed here and a dresser there, Könneker decided to design his own storage system.

"I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation," Könneker said. "A house is not really flexible but we can re-think the space and furniture inside. I believe useful furniture must be adapted to the needs of the user."

Könneker teamed up with craftsman Remo Zimmerli of Holzlabor to create the Living Cube, a bed/display case/storage solution that can hold most of your worldly possessions in one attractive (and useful) piece - and let you sleep on it, too!

The Living Cube is available for order starting early next year. Each piece is handmade to the customer's needs and specifications. The options include TV space, fold-down desk, shelves, drawers, shelvings for clothes, shoe rack, and bed. It has an estimated price of $7,500 to $11,000.

Visit the Living Cube's official website and Facebook page - via Contemporist

Photos: Rob Lewis

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The Living Cube: All-in-One Bed, Furniture and Storage