The Mysterious Lawn Home of Frohnleiten, Austria

There are so many strikingly strange details in this home, designed by Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis of Weichlbauer Ortis Architects, that it actually takes a while to notice them all. The first thing your eye sees, of course, is the bright green artificial grass laid out along the entire side of the structure.

Some hover on the edge of the upper levels and drop abruptly before hitting the ground. Some attach to the ground, but don't even sit up against the building. One goes from under the a floating room of the home, so you could only climb it until your head hits the bottom of the structure. Even stranger, some are even sideways, meaning a person couldn't even climb on them to go to nowhere in particular.

These add lovely white boxes to the building's design from a distance, but up close they just look strange and out of place, adding to the home's chaotic beauty.

While the owner of this beautiful home might not be trying to escape and confuse ghosts like the famous Sarah Winchester, their house is certainly prepared for the challenge should any rogue spirits choose to enter the property.

Via Freshhome

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The Mysterious Lawn Home of Frohnleiten, Austria