The Perfect Home for a Photographer

Everyone wants a home that looks nice, but photographers are even more visually-oriented than the average homebuyer. So when one photographer wanted a home constructed in a disused quarry beside Brecon National Park, it was particularly important that the structure provide as many possible views and backdrops for his images while still offering sufficient space to hang his previous works. 

House for a Photographer, as the project was named, was conceived of by Welsh firm Hyde + Hyde Architects. As an artist, the client insisted the building look unobtrusive with its surroundings while appearing to be merely placed in the landscape -creating an elegantly simple visual impact. The building ends up looking suspended in the basin where it sits, adorned with massive windows that collect ample natural light and allow the resident to focus on distant views.

The first floor is made from a cantilevered poured-in-place concrete slab covered in structural insultated panels (SIPs) to ensure the home stays a comfortable temperature year round in the most eco-concious way possible. These panels also offer the home owner ample space to hang his works throughout the interior.

Via Design Boom

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"The Perfect Home for a Photographer"

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The Perfect Home for a Photographer