The Qlocktwo Tells Time In Style

If you've seen one clock face you've seen them all, right? Wrong. While most clocks use digits and hands to tell the time, the Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk spells them out for you. The delightful Creator's Edition design brings beautiful typography and a simple shape to your walls. 

Charmingly, the words aren't always spelled out in order, though the time-telling is always easy to understand, whether it spells out "A Quarter Past Ten" or "It Is Five O'Clock." The front panel is 17.72" on each side and is attached to the wooden base of the clock with eight magnets. The clocks use LED technology to minimize electricity consumption while maximizing the light's brightnesss.

The limited edition clock is available in rust and gold and is sure to, excuse the pun, make a statement. In fact, the rust coloring isn't just painted on, but created authentically, meaning each one has a unique pattern. Each one is also laser signed and numbered. The front panel of the rust version can be hung on the wall and an acrylic glass stand so it can be used while set down too. The gold-leafed clock can only be hung on the wall.

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"The Qlocktwo Tells Time In Style"

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The Qlocktwo Tells Time In Style