The Sustainability Treehouse Educates While It Excites

There is something magical about a treehouse that instantly makes us feel at one with nature. It's a great feeling and a great way to remember that we need to protect our natural resources if we want to continue enjoying them in the future. The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun takes that natural-occurring feeling we get from a treehouse and builds upon it with educational materials about sustainability and an amazing view that reinforces the majesty of the wilderness. 

The education facility, located in the forest of the Summit Betchel Reserve of West Virginia, was constructed on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America to promote environmental stewardship in a fun, hands-on camp facility. Best of all, the buildings not only preaches sustainability, but survives on it, operating on wind turbines, solar panels, a large cistern and a water cleansing system.

While the treehouse is not actually built on a tree, it instead interacts with its natural surroundings winding around existing trees in the forest. It even balances on steel stilts rooted in concrete pylons that allow the building to stand strong while minimizing the structure's impact on the forest bed beneath.

By working with a treehouse theme, Mithun was able to provide ample appropriate places to teach about the entire forest stretching from the ground to the canopy and even up into the sky. Exhibits in the treehouse demonstrate sustainable technologies like those used on the premise and other new designs not yet widely implemented. All the while, the stunning natural backdrop provides a powerful reminder of what's at risk if we don't clean up our act.

Via Design Boom

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"The Sustainability Treehouse Educates While It Excites"

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The Sustainability Treehouse Educates While It Excites