The T House Is Simply Terrific

With two contrasting and striking exterior elements, ample windows providing natural lighting and a multitude of simple, clean lines throughout the home, the T House is everything we look for in a modern home design. 

The home was designed by Natalie Dionne Architecture for a busy urban family in Montreal, but the inspiration came from the writings of Pliny the Younger, whose descriptions of architectural designs remind us to “contemplate one’s place in the surrounding landscape.” And the T House certainly does that in its stunning natural setting on a tree-lined plateau with sweeping scenes of the valley below -stretching all the way to the Appalachian Mountains. Naturally, the extensive windows help, but the natural wood on both the exterior and interior helps the home better fit in with its woodsy surroundings as well. 

The structure itself consists of two distinct areas, a two-story cube covered in wooden siding and a single-story building adorned in dark, composite cement panels. The single-story area also provides the most sweeping views as it extends out over the hill. Between the two spaces is a glass-paneled atrium that immediately exposes visitors to the stunning views. 

As you might have guessed based on the name, the home is in a distinctive T-shape. In the two-storied area is the master bedroom that sits above the kitchen. In the other end of the T is a guest room and the living room. The space in between serves as a dining area that connects visitors to their hosts and provides everyone with stunning scenery as they sit and enjoy their meal. 

Furniture, such as bookshelves, was built into the design to help maximize space. To keep the home comfy, the floors are made from concrete and natural stone equipped with hydronic heating that helps warm the home from the ground up in the cold winter months. 

Outside the home there is not only a pool, but also a water garden as well as a small stream that flows into a pond. The end result is a home that's comfortable and livable that still manages to take advantage of the beautiful scenery around it.

Via Design Milk

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"The T House Is Simply Terrific"

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The T House Is Simply Terrific