The UFOgel Is Tiny Minimalism At Its Best

Contrary to its name, the UFOgel does not look like a flying saucer or a puddle of semi-solid material. Its design is, however, out of this world. 

This tiny, minimalist home, designed by Peter Jungmann, is tucked away in the Austrian Alps and complimented with an amazing, snow-capped view of the local mountains. The massive window stretched across the living room ensures residents have a great view of the scenery without ever having to step out into the cold.

The small size means big savings -especially when it comes to keeping the home heated in the winter. All you need to keep this 484 square foot toasty is the wood-burning stove located in the center of the house. 

While it might not look like a flying saucer, the UFOgel certainly has some alien aspects. For example, the staircase that provides entry to the home looks like a lowered UFO ramp. As for the "gel" part of the name, that refers to the word "vogel," which means bird in German -and the house certainly looks like a birddhouse from the outside.

Like what you see? Well, the house, located in the small village of Nussdorf just outside of Vienna, is available for rent throughout the year. Reservations can be made through the UFOgel website, starting at 120 Euros per night. The house can sleep eight, although the small size makes it much more appropriate for a group of four. 

Via Visual News

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"The UFOgel Is Tiny Minimalism At Its Best"

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The UFOgel Is Tiny Minimalism At Its Best