The Ultimate Butter-Spreading Knife

You can't just leave your butter out all the time, but using chilled butter on your toast is a nightmare -it either doesn't spread or it rips your bread apart. So rather than planning to enjoy bread and butter at least an hour ahead of time, instead, try the ButterUp.

The ButterUp essentially shreds your butter into thin little ribbons -immediately making it spreadable. The other side features slight serration so it can be used to cut bread before you spread it. The design is also easily washable so you aren't stuck with old butter clogging up your knife after you pull it out of the dishwasher. Designers of the creation went through a number of prototypes to find a shape that was the most effective at shredding the butter while still being easy to clean.

While the knife isn't promoted for use on anything but butter, it seems like the design would also work for shredding a soft, yet firm block of fresh parmesean cheese. The knife isn't commercially available, but you can invest in the project on Kickstarter, where you can preorder one for $12 AUD. The ButterUp is already a smash success with over 10,000 backers putting in over a quarter of a million dollars.

While the handle isn't yet available in other designs, it is available in a polished or satin finish so you can at least have the shine level match your existing silverware. 

Via Laughing Squid

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The Ultimate Butter-Spreading Knife