The Urban Green House Emphasizes the Beauty of Natural Wood

There's something about the natural, rich look of wood that just makes a home feel warm and cozy. If you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, even the feeling of warmth can make a huge difference in these cold winter months -which is why this Urban Green House by Eric Odor with Chris Meyer of SALA Architects immediately seems so homey, while still appearing incredibly modern.

The home is located in an otherwise fairly typical suburb, but the property owners wanted a house that was more sustainable and modern than the other homes around. At the same time, the use of traditional and contemporary design elements ensure the house doesn't look out of place in the neighborhood.

"Sustainability" isn't just a buzzword when it comes to this design either. The house features a number of sustainable elements including passive solar heating, windows sufficent to produce natural lighting during the day, natural ventilation throughout the home, high-efficiency furnace, bamboo floors, composite fiber-cement siding and more. Additionally, the roof and porches extend far enough past the side of the home to prevent excessive heat during the summer. The end result is something chic and modern but entirely economical and environmentally friendly as it reduces the owner's electric, water and gas bills drastically.

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"The Urban Green House Emphasizes the Beauty of Natural Wood"

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The Urban Green House Emphasizes the Beauty of Natural Wood