The Winged House Flies Above the Rest

With beautiful elements jutting out from all sides, the Winged House stands out in its Singaporian neighborhood while taking inspiration from the Minangkabau roof style that is very traditional in Malay architecture. 

The triangle-shaped design by K2LD Architects was built around already full-grown palm trees that stand over 60 feet tall in the center of the triangular property. The roof is designed to leave gaps where it overlaps to allow a small sliver of light to filter in, providing natural light throughout the home.

The wide open design allows for natural ventilation, which is particularly important in the warm tropical climate of Singapore. The home is also filled with massive window panes, which give the resident a comfortable, climate-controled experience while they enjoy the natural beauty of the area's landscaping. It's a great way to get the most out of the vegetation of the property while still staying protected from the elements indoors.

One of the sharp pointing corners of the house extends particularly far over the oasis-looking pool area to help provide a little extra shelter from the elements so you can enjoy swimming and relaxing in the sun or the shade as you see fit.

Via Design Milk

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"The Winged House Flies Above the Rest"

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The Winged House Flies Above the Rest