The World's Largest Labyrinth

You've probably seen corn mazes during Halloween season, but chances are you've never seen a bamboo maze -or at least not one as amazingly over the top as Labirinto Della Masone. The maze, stretching over seventeen acres of land, is the largest labyrinth in the world and took over eight years to build.

While it is located on the private property of famed art collector Franco Maria Ricci, access to the achievement won't be limited to Ricci's friends and associates. In fact, it's set to open to the public later this year once the work is completed. Anyone who can visit the country home in Fontanellato, outside of Parma, Italy will be welcome to enjoy the monumental cultural park. 

Impressively, the massive maze is made up of nothing but bamboo plants -over 120,000 plants, some of which grow over 16 feet tall. Ricci chose bamboo for a number of reasons, noting, "it is a remarkable plant, which carries no disease, does not lose all its leaves in the winter, purifies the air of carbon dioxide."

The complex offers more than just a maze. It also provides a home to Ricci's impressive art collection, which features over 500 works dating from the 1500s to modern times. There will also be a library that will house all of the books Ricci created or edited during his career in the publishing industry as well as famous titles containing typography and art. 

The Roman labyrinth itself features a central structure surrounded by four interconnected quadrants. The center holds a piazza surrounded by colonnades that can provide a venue for concerts, exhibitions and more. There will also be two restaurants in the labyrinth to sustain hungry maze-travellers. For those who aren't brave enough to wander through the bamboo, a direct path can take guests from the outside to the center, but the true challenge and reward involves wandering the winding garden that surrounds the amenities.

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The World's Largest Labyrinth