Tribe Studio's House Bruce Alexander Is A Bike-Lover's Dream

One of the worst things about using a bicycle is finding a place to store it -especially if you don't have a garage. Some people keep their bikes outside in the yard or the porch, while others find a way to keep them inside -either leaning them against the wall or storing them on stands above ground. But the House Bruce Alexander has the most marvelous and innovative bike storage solution we've seen yet.

The clever two-story Victorian home, renovated by Tribe Studio, features a unique pulley system that allows the family's bikes to be hoisted and stored between the two upstairs bathrooms. A skylight was installed above the gap in the upstairs area as well to let natural light flood in and become beautifully distorted by the bicycles as it travels down into the atrium. 

The main goal of the bicycle storage system was to ensure the keep the walls of the home free, which seems like a particularly good idea, seeing as how one of the homeowners is an artist and the home's walls are adorned with ample art.

The renovation also added a trellis along the backside of the home, with the intention of encouraging plants to grow along the new addition. This not only adds a beautiful decoration to the rear of the structure as well as offering additional insulation to the home and a fresh floral scent for the residents to enjoy.

Via Dezeen

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Tribe Studio's House Bruce Alexander Is A Bike-Lover's Dream