Who Needs A Clunky Glass When You Can Have An Invisible Vase?

Nothing can cheer up the interior of a home as quickly as a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, but most of us don't have flowers on display 24/7 and vases can take up a lot of space when they're not in use. Thanks to Lambert Rainville though, there's a new alternative to a big clunky vase that also looks absolutely amazing -the Crown Vase

This nearly-invisible vase prototype uses physics to keep a bouquet of flowers standing with nothing mroe than their stems and a small ring of plastic to keep them up. By tipping each stem to an angle, it makes the patterns of stems appear to create a vase of their own. As Rainville explains, this is the main benefit of the Crown Vase, "the flowers are treated as part of the vase and not just the content. Making the most of the structural capabilities of the stems reveals the complete beauty of flowers."

As for how you water the flowers without a glass to hold the liquid, a small plate under the stems can keep them moist, or you can just use dried flowers or a silk bouquet that doesn't need water. If you use a plate, you can even use a colored charger and coordinate it with the bouquet or with your dinner setting and when you're not using it, the plate can sit in your cupboard just like all your other plates.

While the Crown Vase is just a prototype right now, Rainville is offering up a manufacturing license for anyone interested so it might not be long before you start seeing these cool vase alternatives in stores.

Via Dezeen

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"Who Needs A Clunky Glass When You Can Have An Invisible Vase?"

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Who Needs A Clunky Glass When You Can Have An Invisible Vase?