Who Says Security Cameras Need to be Boring?

As the price of audio visual equipment has gone down, home security systems have drastically gone down in price over the last few decades. But while they have gotten cheaper and smaller, they still continue to be a bit of an intimidating eyesore. But design firm Fabrique is here to challenge all that with these new cameras that are meant to add style to your home rather than just protecting it. 

Aside from the obvious visual enhancement the stylish set of eyes adds to your security system, they also serve as a more obvious warning that the property they are installed in is protected, reducing the chance that you'll need to rely on the footage to identify a wrongdoer at all.

Fabrique originally designed these beauties for Dutch Railways, to make the cameras seem a bit more friendly and less Big Brother-esque, but they would also make a fine addition to any home security system. While the eye-inspired design emphasizes the fact that you are being watched, the friendly, cartoonish look makes you feel like you're at least being watched by a kind observer who only wants to help keep you safe.  And that's something that can help everyone of all ages sleep a little easier.

Via Design Observer

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"Who Says Security Cameras Need to be Boring?"

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Who Says Security Cameras Need to be Boring?