The Architecture Building At Bond University Can Inspire Any Design Student

Bond University of Queensland, Australia needed a new home for the Abedian School of Architecture on the school's Gold Coast campus, so they contracted Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham's CRAB Studio. The resulting structure is sure to not only inspire young architects, but also recruit new students into the department after they see just how beautiful architecture can be.

The entire interior of the structure is arranged around a massive corridor that progressively rises from one side of the building to the next. Curving concrete walls create secluded meeting rooms just along the main walkway. 

The curving staircases are suspended from the external walls, leading to more studios and offices as well as a large lecture space, a reading room and a reception area.

The orientation of the building was laid out east to west in order to control the structure's exposure to sunlight while still presenting a protective soil barrier against the cold southern winds. Metalic overhangs protect the windows from excessive sun -all of which results in a comfortable environment.

Th studio also designed the fun and colorful furniture used to decorate the studios.

The architects had a special insight when it comes to designing educational buildings as they have personal experience teaching in some of the most famous architectural institutions around the globe. As a result, they knew a number of informal meeting areas would benefit the students and faculty aside from the obligatory teaching spaces. 

"We created a very ambient building, where the individual can really identify with the nature of his or her activity; thus the studio pads, scoops, decks and corners, though based on a clear hierarchy and system, have significant shifts of direction or variations of size," said the architects.

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"The Architecture Building At Bond University Can Inspire Any Design Student"

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The Architecture Building At Bond University Can Inspire Any Design Student