The Eco-Friendly and Beautiful Marcus Beach House

Not everyone gets the opportunity to go back and improve on work from their early career once they've had an additional seven years of experience on their belt. Bark Architects were fortunate enough to get this opportunity, getting to modify their 2002 Marcus Beach House after the Australian property changed ownership in 2009.

Throughout the home, the interior feels spacious and open, filled with natural light and fresh breezes thanks to massive doors and ample operable windows. Located only 275 feet from the beach in Sunshine Coast, the designers sought to incorporate durability, economy, and simplicity in the original design and the renewal program allowed them to add a more refined design and increased comfort to their creation.

The entire home is constructed around a 50 year old Morton Bay ash tree, with a wing stretching out on each side of the tree and a two-story, glass-lined walkway connecting the two major home spaces. The glass bridge provides an amazing view of both the tree and the property's stunning garden.

The west side of the home includes the communal spaces, including a two-story deck that overlooks the pool and northern garden. The gardens are protected by a perimeter wall that is covered in natural vines -creating a natural-looking barrier from the street outside. 

The house is entirely eco-friendly, incoporating passive ventilation and reduced direct sunlight to help keep the space cool and cozy without the use of an air conditioner while still letting in reflected sunlight to reduce the need for electric lighting. The many windows not only let in fresh air and sunlight, but also allow residents to feel connected to their beautiful natural surroundings. There are also plenty of exterior patio, garden and pool areas to create a comfortable experience even while standing outside the house. 

Via Design Boom

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"The Eco-Friendly and Beautiful Marcus Beach House"

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The Eco-Friendly and Beautiful Marcus Beach House