6 Geek Girl Organization Tips

There are certain things everyone has to organize, certain things geeks need to organize more than the average person and certain things girls need to organize. While there are plenty of storage and organization tips for all of these needs seperately, there are few tips out there specifically for geek gals. While some of these may be helpful for people of both genders and a few will be handy for all females, these tips are particularly oriented to help all those nerdy femme fatales out there who need a little hand storing both their hair accessories and their comic book collections.

Use Badges to Organize Your Hair Accessories

Have a lot of convention badges, other lanyards or award ribbons lying around? Put them on display and organize your hair clips, bows, headbands, hair ties and more at the same time. Just hand up the badges and clip your accessories or combs to them. Then use the loops at the bottom for your headbands. Finally, attach a carribeaner to the mix and hold your hair ties on it.

Use Magnets to Store Your Makeup

We already featured this tip on our closet organization tips article, but if you're looking for a visually impressive way to store your cosmetics, try adding magnets to them and putting them on display with a framed magnet board.

Hide Your Jewelry With A Painting

There are two benefits to using a framed picture to hide your jewelry. First, it makes it less obvious to theives if your house ever gets broken into. Secondly, it's a lot nicer to look at a pretty picture than a pile of disorganized necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This Design Sponge article can show you how to do it, but it's up to you to find the perfect poster, painting or fanart to fill the frame on the front.

Control Your  Cords

With all the random computer accesspories out there, it's easy to get surrounded in a cable nightmare. Our article on hiding the eyesores in your home covers a few solutions, but altrnatively, this cool Lifehacker tip can help you store and organize your unused computer cords until you need them. For a cuter solution, you can also enlist your LEGO Minifigs (supported with a little glue) to hold the cords for you.

To make sure you never unplug the wrong cable, try labeling your cords on  each end with bread clips. You can even make your own bread tags if you don't happen to have any on hand. Alternatively, a little nail polish applied to each end of a cord can help you identify which cable goes where.

Securely Store Unused Cords

For cords you don't need out, putting them away in a box together is a surefire way to end up with a neverending knot. Instead, put each cord in its own empty toilet paper roll (or a cut up old wraping paper roll) and fill a shoe box with the rolls of cables. You can even make the rolls look pretty by covering them in wrapping paper.

Clean Up Your Gaming Space

Whether your prefer board games, card games, video games, miniature games, role playing games or any combination of gaming, you know the hobby can take up a lot of space and create a lot of clutter. While the Geek Chic tables we previously covered can help clear up some of the mess, this handy article from Father Geek can show you how to use fishing tackle boxes and other solutions to tackle your game room organization project. For those who prefer digital to analog, a storage ottoman specially designed for video games is a great way to hide all of your titles and peripherals away. There's even one built to hold all of your Rock Band accessories.

There you have it you geeky gals and nerdy divas -finally a home organization article dedicated solely to you and your specific needs. 

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6 Geek Girl Organization Tips
Katio Makes Pet Ownership A Lot Simpler

Cats are great pets. They're playful, cuddly and just plain cute, but owning a cat usually also means owning a litter box, which is about as far from cute and cuddly as you can get. While your cat is always going to need a place to go potty, the Katio at least makes the kitty bathroom a little easier to deal with.

The clever cat box is designed to fit into a window just like those box air conditioning units. With door flaps, a clear windo and ventilation, the Katio gives your kitten a nice place to sit while he does his business and gives you a less stinky alternative location for your litter box. Additionally, the design makes it easier to clean the litter box since you no longer have to bend over to reach the box. 

For dog owners who are physically unable to take their dog outside every time it needs to releive itself, the company is also releasing a Dogio, which is essentially the same thing only with a ramp or steps to the restroom area. And don't worry about your pooch breaking through the box, the device is weight tested to hold over 300 pounds.

The Katio is raising funds for production through Kickstarter, where you can pre-order your own Katio or Dogio for $250 and $300, respectively. Once the item is in production, you'll be able to order it exclusively through Amazon.

Via Desgin Taxi

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Katio Makes Pet Ownership A Lot Simpler
16 Weird Ways to Cook Classic Thanksgiving Treats

These days, turducken and deep fried turkeys are old news. If you want to do something a little different this year, there are still plenty of new ways to cook both your turkey and those classic Thanksgiving sides everyone has become accustomed to. Here are a few fun ways to see your Turkey Day favorites in an all new light.

Set It On Fire

You don't have to set the world on fire -just your Thanksgiving turkey. While this Thai-inspired recipe is designed to help you cook a chicken, the process could easily be adapted for prepping a turkey. Taking only 15 minutes to cook a chicken, this great method can finish your bird in no time -and it's sure to impress your guests.

Burry It

If you've ever had a pig roasted in a traditional luau manner, you know that pit cooking yeilds an incredibly moist, tender and flavorful result. So why not use that method on your Thanksgiving bird? This article has all the details you need to do it yourself and the neccessary materials are pretty basic.

Smoke It

Fans of smoked meat are always eager to enjoy that succulent flavor with any meat. It works particularly well on turkey and you can even make a great bacon-wrapped bird this way. Don't have a smoker? This Instructable can teach you how to make one with a metal garbage can.

Grill It

When it comes to the world of BBQ, there is always a debate between smokers and grillers. If you lean on the grilling side of the argument, here's how to grill up your turkey for a special barbeque treat. You can even grill up some sides for a full Thanksgiving dinner on the barbie.

Make It Evil

Some like it hot and for those people, this evil turkey is a delightful way to enjoy Thanksgiving. This crazy recipe calls for chipotle, red peppers and whiskey, making it sinfully delicious. For a truly evil experience, try using the same preparation method, but cooking it over flames using the grilling advice above.

Dehydrate It

As the writer in this article explains, most turkey jerky tries to replicate the taste of beef, but minimal seasoning can help keep the flavor of the fowl intact -and even makes it taste perfect for Thanksgiving.

Crockpot It

Sure it might not look as pretty as a roasted turkey, but if you've ever cooked a chicken in the Crockpot then you know what the result lacks in beauty is more than made up for with rich flavor. If you plan to cook your bird in the Crockpot, be sure to get one that fits in your crock (this blogger suggests only buying on under 9.5 pounds) or you might have to make a last minute adjustment to your plan.

Stuff It With Other Birds

Turkey, duck and chicken has been done. If you want to try something really different, grab more birds. This outrageous concoction features goose, duck, mallard, guinea fowl, chicken, pheasant, partridge, pigeon and woodcock. While something this outrageous is best left to professionals, it even takes the experts 125 hours to prepare and eight hours to roast.

Turn It Into A Cake

We're not talking about dessert here, but your entire Thanksgiving dinner. This crazy recipe combines ground turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mini marshmallows, making a cake concoction that will surprise and shock your guests.

Stuff Something Else

Cooking your turkey with stuffing inside can make it take way longer and can leave dangerous bacteria alive. Instead, cook your turkey in one of the other fun ways listed in this article and put your stuffing inside something else. While this recipe calls for a stuffed squash and corn bread dressing, you can use any vegetable big enough with any stuffing with a complimentary flavor -get creative.

Serve Them Raw

We've all had Brussels sprouts at Thanksgiving, but we've never had them uncooked. This recipe turns your Brussels sprouts into a fresh, healthy salad. It will be a welcome change from the traditional roasted sprouts everyone is accustomed to.

Combine The Classics

Have a few favorite Thanksgiving tastes? You can always try combining the tasty treats like these cranberry-glazed sweet potatoes that would make an ultimate side for any turkey dinner.

Jiggle It

Pumpkin pie is great, but it's easy to eat too much food at dinner, leaving no room for dessert. As the classic tagline reminds us though, there's always room for Jell-O and here's a way to switch out your traditional pumpkin pie for tasty gelatin treats.

Freeze It

There are plenty of places where the weather is still quite warm during Thanksgiving. Eating pie (and even worse, baking it) can be a nightmare in hot weather, so if you don't experience crisp autumn air like our pilgrim forefathers did so long ago, then try making your pie a little cooler -as ice cream.

Chill It

Alternatively, this apple cider pie contains all those classic flavors of all-American apple pie, but in a cold pie that more closely resembles coconut cream or lemon meringue than the autumn pastry we're used to.

Ferment It

Apple pie is wonderful but if you prefer a your sweets with a little booze in them, try making Apfel wine, a traditional apple wine that can be prepared in only 30 minutes.

Shoot It

Tired of sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top? Maybe you'd prefer to try it as a shot. This cool cocktail combines sweet potatoes, schnapps, whiskey, nutmeg and a toasted marshmallow garnish, incorporating the flavors of the classic casserole in an all new way.

Once you've decided on dinner, don't miss this great article featuring ten perfect Thanksgiving centerpieces you can make in no time.

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16 Weird Ways to Cook Classic Thanksgiving Treats
Living Comfortably In An 86 Square Foot Space

We've featured a few tiny living spaces before, but none of those are as tiny as this micro-apartment in Paris that measures in at an incredible 86 square feet. It's certainly one of the smallest apartments in France and may even rank in as one of the smallest in the world. 

Located all the way on the seventh floor, the miniscule space was originally constructed as a maid's quarters, but was since converted into an apartment by Kitoko Studio -who took inspiration from the multi-fuctional Swiss Army Knife. Despite its tiny measurements, the apartment fits in a surprising amount of amenities, including a bathroom, a table for two, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a kitchenette with a working cooktop, a cupboard and a private sleeping chamber.

The bathroom includes a shower, sink and toilet, while the kitchenette includes a hidden sink as well. While not in use, all of the amenities are hidden behind modular sliding units. Every inch of space in the shelving system is used, even the space under the stairs that lead to the bed space. The apartment is even equipped with a large window above the kitchenette, providing ample natural light to the resident.

While the space seems surprisingly functional after the clever rennovation, it is still too small to be legally rented out in the City of Lights. Fortunately, the owners of the space are using it as a living space for their au pair, who lives in the apartment for free.

Via Design Taxi

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Living Comfortably In An 86 Square Foot Space
A Fire Pit That Stays Out Of The Way Until You Need It

We love a good fire pit, but they do take up space -which some people just can't spare. Want to have a stylish fire pit but still be able to use that space when you're not burning wood? Then you might just need this fantastic Hole Fire Pit by Italian design company AK47.

With the Hole Fire Pit, you can hold campfires and cookouts in your yard by night and still use your backyard for croquet, play dates, sun bathing and any other fun activities you might have in mind. That's because the pit is actually set into your yard and covered with a strong steel lid when it's not in use. You can even buy an optional stainless steel grill that fits across the pit so you can have delicious cookouts over your own private fire. The design can be added to any yard -just dig a pit and install.

If you're looking for something a little cooler that still can disappear to maximize your space, don't miss these great Hydrofloors that let you have a pool when you need it and an ordinary floor when you aren't up for a swim.

Via HiConsumption

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A Fire Pit That Stays Out Of The Way Until You Need It
One Firepit to Warm Them All

Love Lord of the Rings? Then you'll fall in love with this amazing firepit from Etsy seller Bohemian Alps Designs that bears the inscription seen on the One Ring. The precious design is perfect for keeping warm on a cool Shire night.

The pit measures 26 inches in diameter and is constructed with quality steel. As the fires burn, the black speech of Mordor will burn bright, just like the real Ring glows when heated. All this can be yours for only $500, plus the cost of shipping.

While the seller points out that the black paint finish is tempered so it could withstand the fires of Smaug, you will still need to keep it away from the fires of Mount Doom if you want to keep your Precious safe. You should also probably avoid spending too much time around the firepit, lest you become enchanted by its power the way Gollum did. 

No word on whether stepping inside the ring will make you look invisible, but it's certainly worth a shot if you get your hands on th peice. 

Via Like Cool

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One Firepit to Warm Them All
Live Like A Wizard In This Hogwarts-Themed Hotel Room

Harry Potter is possibly the fictional franchise that drives more travel than any other outside of the world of Disney. Universal Studios has created multiple Harry Potter theme parks and visitors to London not only stop by the Warner Bros. Studio that offers Harry Potter tours, but also frequently make the effort to experience the real world locations mentioned in the series. Now a trip to London can become even more immersive thanks to two very special rooms in the Georgian House. The boutique hotel has converted two suites into chambers that are based on the look of the student chambers in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The so-called Wizard Chambers are adorned with four poster beds, potion bottles, spell books, cauldrons, trunks and more. Of course, you aren't left totally to your own magical devices, the rooms are also equipped with a fireplace, a tea kettle and technological items like televisions. 

A night in the Wizard Chambers will start at around $400 and you might even be lucky enough to enjoy a visit from the hotel's resident ghost as the Georgian House is rumored to be haunted.

Via Design Taxi

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Live Like A Wizard In This Hogwarts-Themed Hotel Room
22 Decorations Perfect For Both Halloween And Christmas

Between the increasing popularity of Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, Halloween trees and spooky wreaths, Halloween and Christmas are becoming increasingly tied in together. For people who love decorations, but hate putting them up and taking them down, this is a fantastic combination because now you can finally decorate for Halloween and leave your embellishments up all the way through the end of the year. Here are a few great ideas for spooky Christmas decorations.

Halloween Trees

These days, lots of people are buying adorable, spooky ornaments to spruce up their Halloween trees. While you can always use a regular Christmas tree for this purpose, the green trees don't look nearly as Halloween-y as black or orange trees. If you want a tree that will work for both Halloween and Christmas though, go for either white or black -both of which work perfectly with a wide variety of ornaments.

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Here's an example of how great a white tree can look with the right ornaments -in this case, Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. It's no wonder that this tree looks marvelous when you consider that it was put together by Marvel artist and painter Greg Horns.

Black Magic Tree

On the other hand, while you might expect a black tree to look too dark for Christmas, here's proof that they can actually look quite elegant. Coco & Kelly did an amazing job decorating a stunning tree that would look just as good in October as it would in December.

Vampire Tree Topper

Chances are your existing tree topper wouldn't quite work for Halloween time, but with a little creativity, it's easy to come up with a great topper that will match your multi-holiday decor. This great Nightmare Before Christmas vampire by Christy Pepperd Dawson is a great example.

Silhouette Tree Topper

For something a little more elegant (and available for purchase), this paper tree topper is just creepy enough to fit in with your Halloween decorations, yet beautiful and subtle enough to blend in with Christmas decor.

Candy Corn Garland

Are you someone who just doesn't feel like a tree has been properly trimmed if it lacks garland? Well don't worry, you can combine your holiday fun with a cool DIY candy corn garland. Momtastic shows how easy it is to make with just string, candy corn and a hot glue gun. You could even space it out with some popcorn if you want to break up the colors.

Skull Tree Skirt

Every Christmas tree needs a tree skirt, but if you want one that will feel fitting for both fall and winter, look for bright colors that are appropriate for both seasons. This Day of the Dead tree skirt from Kay's General Store is festive enough to use all the way through the New Year.

Christmas Light Spiders

What's a holiday tree without ornaments? And these cool ornaments by thedustyraven are a perfect way to branch the gap between Halloween and Christmas with their spider shapes and Christmas light bodies.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

With a little paint and a few markers, you can turn clear Christmas ornaments into Nightmare Before Christmas masterpieces that look great on your multi-holiday tree, just like HolyShiitItsAsh did here.

Headless Horseman Ornament

The coloring and theme of this cute clothespin ornament say "Halloween," but the big jinglebell head says "Christmas." How to solve the conflict? Put this Headless Horseman from ModerationCorner up for both holidays.

Gingerdead Man

What does an undead gingerbread man want for Christmas? The same thing he wants every other day of the year -brains! And this precious ornament by ChaosSquirrel is a great reminder of all we lost in the great Walking Gingerdread wars.

Zombie Santa Ornament

Santa ornaments are pretty much limited to just Christmas trees, but an undead Santa? Now you're talking! This spooky Santa is just perfect for making your Halloween tree just Christmas-y enough to stay on display for the rest of the year. Of course, if you prefer to kiss under the zombie mistletoe, there's also this gory toe ornament available.

Man-Eating Wreath

If you have a tree inside then you might as well have a wreath outside and these days, there are plenty of wreaths that can perfectly straddle the balance between Halloween and Christmas -especially if you're a Disney fan. The Nightmare Before Christmas has inspired many Halloween/Christmas displays and the man-eating wreath is one of the most popular DIY decorating pieces around. DIYNMBC Props can show you how to make your own to scare trick-or-treaters and Christmas carolers alike.

Oogie Boogie and Crew Wreath

By taking advantage of a white, purple and black color scheme, this cool wreath by Super Vixen Bad Girl manages to not be overly Christmas-y or super Halloween-y, making it perfect for both holidays.

Ursula Wreath

Again, the use of colors unassociated with any major holidays makes this wreath by Tis A Season perfect for use during Christmas and Halloween -and even Mardi Gras.

Holiday Pumpkins

Pumpkins are classic icons of autumn, but with a little paint, you can transform your uncarved Halloween pumpkins into Christmas decorations thanks to this tutorial on Club Chica Circle.

Rotoff the Deadnose Reindeer

Keep in mind that a rotting Rudolf and Santa Claus might be a little too scary for a lot of kiddos, but if you really want to go for a creepy Christmas, these decorations will set the scene for scares. PaHalloweenFreak can teach you how to make the props for yourself.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Outdoor Props

The greatest thing about decorating with a theme based on The Nightmare Before Christmas is that it works for both Halloween and Christmas.  There are all kinds of tutorials to make your own characters online, but if you're going for a look that can span the two holidays, consider adding lights and fake snow to your roof and putting Jack in his Sandy Claws suit.

Halloween Forum user Glass Eye did an amazing job with his Jack Skellington and the process sounds fairly simple since it just involves wrapping felt around PVC pipes and using a mask for the face. Once you have your Jack, you'll probably want to have a Sally as well, and perhaps even the Mayor of Halloweentown. DIY NMBC Props has instructions to make both of these a reality. If you want to add some related pieces to help set the scene, the site also has a lot of other great tutorials for all kinds of Nightmare Before Christmas projects.

Put A Santa Hat On It

How do you make a spooky Halloween decoration perfect for Christmas celebrations? A Santa hat, of course, and a few lights and strands of garland. This cheerful skeleton photographed by DeviantArt user Putnish shows that everyone loves a good holiday party -even those who perished long ago.

Apothecary Stocking

You'd look crazy hanging up your stocking before Halloween has even ended -unless it's a delightfully creepy design like this decoration by AijoEcoTotes.

Nightmarish Stockings

Alternatively, Nightmare Before Christmas always manages to blend seamlessly with both holidays and it's hard to beat these precious stockings by Craftster user smashu.

Zombie Nativity Scene

Yes, giving the nativity scene a spooky twist is really pushing the envelope -especially if you live in a very religious area. But if you really want to make your Christmas decorations creepy, a zombie nativity (like the one spotted by Redditor celestialbean) is an effective way to do so.

Sure some of these ideas might seem a bit dark for Christmas, but for dedicated Halloween fans, spookiness is always worth celebrating. If you're looking for a few more Halloween decorating ideas you can create in a hurry, don't miss our past article on last minute decorations for Halloween.

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Ready You Home For Halloween Fun With This Cool Pumpkin Disco Ball

(Video Link)

Looking to light up your Halloween party this weekend? Then consider grabbing a pumpkin, a flashlight and some thick string so you can put together your own cool pumpkin disco ball. This video, by YouTube user DaveHax, can show you how to put together a perfect party light with those few items and either a screwdriver or a drill. The basic process involves hollowing out the pumpkin, drilling in holes for the light to shine out of, putting a light in the pumpkin and the hanging it up with the string. If you have a strobe light function in your flashlight, the end result will be even better.

Of course, if you're using a real pumpkin as a light, be sure to wait until the day of your party to put together your light because this is one decoration that you don't want to rot -rotting pumpkin guts aren't something you want dripping on your guests or your floor.

For more cool ways to decorate your pumpkin or to get ready for a Halloween party, don't miss these great posts too.

Via Design Taxi

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Ready You Home For Halloween Fun With This Cool Pumpkin Disco Ball
This Swedish Apartment Makes the Most of Its Small Space

After being used as nothing more than a storage space for thirty years, it seemed this Swedish apartment was finally going to be used as a residence when the owner started renovating in the 1980s. Unfortunately, he got sick shortly after and had to discontinue his work on the space. Almost twenty years later, Karin Matz was hired to complete a full renovation on the apartment. 

When work started, the space was in shambles with the wallpaper half removed and rats taking residence in the bathroom. While Matz was supposed to keep the historic aspect of the apartment alive, but even getting the property clean and modern was stacking up to be a challenge. 

With only 388 square feet, Matz also faced difficulty making the property habitable. Incredibly, the end result not only crams everything a person would need to live comfortably into the tiny space, but also manages to look open and comfortable.

The most obvious space-saver is the built-in bed structure that combines kitchen cabinets, a walk-in closet, storage and a bed in one small space. To help maintain the classic look of the apartment, spaces that weren't renovated to become more spacious were left mostly the same as they had been over the last 20 years, letting the rough, imperfect walls to create a modern industrial look.

Via Design Milk

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This Swedish Apartment Makes the Most of Its Small Space
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